Heaters and heating elements

Hot nozzles

Our advanced production technology and high quality materials allow us to make heaters for special applications. These are elements whose power and dimensions are not achievable with standard production methods

Informacje techniczne

  • Diameter of the heating element ? from 3.5 (mm)
  • Power approx. 20 W/cm2.

Advantages of hot nozzles

  • simple, compact design
  • energy savings
  • material savings
  • balanced flow
  • lack of stresses in the moulded piece
  • good thermal insulation
  • uniform temperature distribution
  • quick start
  • lack of additional operations
  • faster cycle
  • 100% sealing
  • optimized heater load
  • Optimized temperature of the mould surface
  • decreased need to cool the forms down
  • less maintenance work
  • a fully assembled system
  • lack of thermal expansion

Types of hot nozzles