Heaters and heating elements

Tubular Heaters

High-quality materials combined with many years of experience in production and strict adherence to the developed technological process ensure a high stable quality of electrical parameters as well as a long service life and reliability of work.


Water heaters, boilers, steam generators, distillers, farm steamers, flow heaters, bakery ovens, toasters, electric grills, smoking chambers, packaging machines, powder paint shops, heaters, dryers.

Materials used for casing pipes: stainless steels, copper

Table of steel grades

Polish AISIstandardExamples of steel applications
0H18N9 304 For the food industry, resistant to corrosion in atmospheric, natural water and alkaline solution environments.
00H17N14M2 316L For the food, paper and pharmaceutical industries with high resistance to corrosion
1H18N9T 321 In the chemical, food, paint and pharmaceutical industries, resistant to corrosion.

Construction of a tubular heating element

Heating elements for water heaters

Current inputs

Examples of bending

Heaters with a heatsink

The surface temperature of tubular heating elements as a function of surface load for different working conditions: